Joy Omoregi

Joy Omoregie is dynamic transformation minded senior commercial banking professional Passionate communicator. She is a passionate speaker and story teller with over fifteen years’ experience building stakeholder relationships and delivering strategic business initiatives, regulations and projects within the Financial Services. Joy is also an accredited sales performance coach, obtaining leading recognition based on her business improvement impact and client transformation.  Now leading a pioneering Trade as a service, cloud contract financing solution, she takes an inquisitive and consultive approach to business problem solving and is committed to learning and keeping abreast of change to support her clients and partners. Leveraging her recently obtained certification in digital transformation and the technologies transforming business. she is now delivering talks on understanding digital, awakening to the opportunities within that space and creating more accessibility to the digital world of Industry 4.0. and

She has worked across London, Mexico, Dubai and Ireland, now working in Cloud Financing solutions. She is also an accredited sales performance coach driving behaviour change  within managers and achieving significant business transformation in record time. As a presenter she been the face of a media plaform delivering news information to thousands on a weekly basis, with lively personable stories and engaging voiceovers to bring announcements and services to life.

As an event host she has been the glue and energy injection at conference, start up accelerators, variety shows to launches of new businesses. As an interviewer she has drawn out stories and insight from sports professionals to pioneering entrepreneurs and founders inspiring others to push for more. As a comms consultant he has shaped the coached clients on their content and key messages, drawing out the essence of what they desire to deliver and coached on how to secure maximum engagement and impact in delivery. A ted talk shaped for brilliant relationship counselling organisation went viral, delivered with fun, passion, knowledge and ease securing over 1.5m views so far.

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